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Corrosion is the most important materials failure mechanism in industry

Annually responsible for the costs amounting approximately to 2 trillion € worldwide. In the CorTools project, corrosion on-line monitoring and prediction software tools are developed to respond to the needs of raw materials industry. For the European raw materials industry, the project may enable huge savings through the prevention of corrosion failures. The market potential of the tools lie in all industry sectors facing challenges with materials durability in harsh operation conditions.

The corrosion on-line monitoring and prediction software tools provide the raw materials sector a footstep towards digitalization. Another giant progress is the link to artificial intelligent (AI); it is here used in the computational modelling, yet remote collection of on-line monitoring data allows later for the hidden causalities in the project conditions (e.g., mineral quality in hydrometallurgy) and the detected corrosion rate to be disclosed with the aid of AI.